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UNARIUS E-NEWS   August 2006
A Publication of the Unarius Academy of Science
Celebrating 52 Years of "Love in Action" 1954 - 2006
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A Healing Projection for Planet Earth!
CESNUR Religious Scholars Visit the Center
Technology Upgrades in the Video & Audio Departments
A New Release: Bridge to Heaven, Part 3
Summer Classes in Tijuana, Mexico
Unarius Classes Audio Streamed Live
Unarius in the News

is to inform and enlighten people who are interested in the progression of the Unarius Educational Foundation on planet Earth.

Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman
Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman

THE UNARIUS ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, founded by Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman in 1954, is a nonprofit educational foundation. Unarius is an acronym standing for the UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science. The Academy teaches a corrective and higher spiritual understanding of consciousness as an evolutionary mandate attainable by all individuals searching for the meaning of life.

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A Healing Projection for Planet Earth!


Many of you may be questing, as were we students at Star Center One, about the current state of affairs on our world: the war in the Middle East and the recent media focus on global warming. Following our inner prompting, a mental contact with the Unarius Brothers took place on July 23, to provide us with the answers we were seeking. The Brothers of Light assured us that planet Earth is not heading in the direction of total annihilation and destruction! Of course, they explained the cause of the current state of the world as a continuity of the past, but the importance of our participation in the healing process was also emphasized. More>> including an excerpt from the transmission       

CESNUR Religious Scholars Visit the Center

On July 16, over 30 religious scholars visited the Academy’s New World Teaching Center in El Cajon at the conclusion of their international conference at San Diego State University. The tour of Unarius’ international headquarters was one of the activities offered during the four-day conference, which was organized by CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) in Torino, Italy and the Department of Religious Studies and the Society for the Academic Study of Religion at SDSU. Many of these scholars were familiar with Unarius so they were excited to actually be able to visit the Center and to speak directly to Unariun students about their beliefs and experiences. More>>

Technology Upgrades in the Video & Audio Departments

Because of the generous donations of several students, the Academy was able to purchase new equipment for the Unarius video and audio departments that will greatly improve the quality of videos, DVDs, and audio recordings. The video department will premiere its first high definition video, The Arrival & Roots—A Retrospective, at the upcoming Conclave of Light event. Computer components were procured to complete the upgrade to edit this exciting new program in high definition format. High definition provides a much clearer and richer picture for viewers, as currently seen on TV channels airing in HD format such as Discovery, Animal Planet, and ESPN. This upgrade will keep Unarius shows, and especially that uplifting love frequency, going out to the world in the best looking way possible. More>>

A New Release From
Unarius Video Productions

Bridge to Heaven, Part 3 features a never-before-seen, power-packed interview of Uriel speaking about the Unarius science of life and how students can activate the principles in their lives. Originally filmed in 1979, the footage had been sitting on the video lab shelf for years because it was of such poor quality that it was deemed unusable. So you can imagine how excited Unarius’ video editor, Kevin Kennedy, was when he discovered that not only was the footage viewable, but it could be recorded as well! With today’s technology, specifically the video department’s dropout compensator/noise reduction unit, Kevin was able to clean up the footage and create a new video. Now this priceless interview of Uriel is preserved for future generations to view and appreciate.Preview video clip

Summer Classes in Tijuana, Mexico


The lovely director of the Tijuana Cultural Institute welcomed Unarius back again this summer to offer a series of four classes titled “Self-Healing and How to Control Your Destiny.” Because snail mail unexpectedly took four to five weeks to reach last year’s students, many of them were unfortunately unaware of the start date and missed the first class. However Abel Campos, our ever-helpful Tijuana veteran student, had hand-placed flyers all over city so we had 17 new students in the first class! More>>

Unarius Classes Audio
Streamed Live


The Academy has taken a giant leap forward in spreading the light and love of Unarius through the Internet. The weekly Sunday evening classes held at the New World Teaching Center in El Cajon, California have been audio streamed live since late last year. In addition to the Sunday classes, the Academy has audio streamed two past-life therapy workshops and a four-week introductory class in the past six months. Those listening to the classes at home have commented that it’s just like being in the class with the students who are actually attending in El Cajon. More>>

Unarius in the News

Since the beginning of the year, the media has initiated contacting Unarius for interviews, and even a tour of the New World Teaching Center in El Cajon. All of these interviews, in a variety of formats—Internet, radio, TV, and film—have given a positive perspective of Unarius. Unariun student David Reynolds was interviewed live on an Internet talk show, “Shadows of Doubt,” on February 14. The hosts provided plenty of questions about Ernest Norman and his teachings and enjoyed it so much that David was asked to come back the following week for another interview. Soon after, San Diego’s Fox 6 XETV contacted the Academy to set up an interview for the “Day Trippin” show. The short but visually stimulating segment aired on March 2 and was immediately followed by a live interview (type "Unarius" in video search, top right column) with Marc Bailey, the morning anchor, and Tracey Kennedy, Unarius media coordinator. More>>

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