The Space Cad
Cosmic Car Welcomes the Space Brothers

"We are not alone in the universe" is the theme of this 1969 Cadillac, named the Space Cad by the media. The Unarius Academy of Science’s cosmic car has been seen on CNN, Strange Universe, the Discovery Channel, A &E, Dateline, and most recently the History Channel. In the early 1980s, Ruth Norman, cosmic visionary and cofounder of the Academy, had the Cadillac artfully painted with beautiful spaceships and “Welcome Your Space Brothers,” to enlighten people about the future landing of these advanced beings and the tremendous, positive global changes that will result from their arrival on Earth. Wherever the Space Cad travels, the car attracts much attention—with smiling faces, thumbs up, and cheers!

Earth has been invited to join the Space Brothers’ Interplanetary Confederation, as the thirty-third planetary member of this “galactic united nations.” In 1980, Ruth Norman, or Uriel as she is known by her students, initiated the Interplanetary Conclave of Light to awaken and enlighten people to the reality that we are not alone in the universe. The Space Cad plays a prominent part in one of the highlights of the Conclave, the Interplanetary Procession and Dove Release, carrying the white doves representing the 33 confederation worlds and the higher consciousness of the Space Brothers.

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The Unarius Space Cad taken in East San Diego County, California
Unarius Space Cad


Ruth Norman (Uriel) holds a Peace Dove
symbolizing the importance of Peace on our planet


The Space Cadillac

Unarius Space Cad 1


The Space Cad is quite often seen leading the Interplanetary Procession
of 33 planets, signifying that Planet Earth is Not Alone in the Universe!

Unarius Space Cad 2


Unarius Space Cad 3


Unarius Space Cad 4


Ruth Norman, cosmic visionary and cofounder of the Unarius
was given her spiritual name of URIEL, by the Space Brothers.

Unarius Space Cad 5


Unarius Space Cad 6


Unarius Space Cad 7