The Arrival + Retrospective

The Arrival is a true story of reincarnation and the first contact with another world, 162,000 years ago. Without using a script or acting in the traditional way, the characters reenact their past lives as aborigines living on the continent of Lemuria. The story opens as the tribal leader’s son, Zan, encounters an immense spaceship with advanced, benevolent beings. In telepathic conversations with the Space Brothers, he is awakened from his psychic amnesia as he relives a lifetime over 200,000 years ago when he was a spaceship commander of an Orion battle cruiser. Now that he is aware of why he is presently living as an aboriginal, he can look forward to a more positive future.

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The Arrival & Roots: A Retrospective

Several Unarius students share their recollections of participating in the filming of The Arrival and Roots of the Earthman from 1976 to 1980. These landmark films, inspired and guided by Uriel, utilized the tool of psychodrama to help Unarius students recognize and overcome karmic past-live expressions. As these students relate their personal experiences, you’ll see how their lives were transformed forever, proving the healing power of the Unarius science.

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