Biography Of An Archangel (Audio)

The Accomplishments of Uriel

This is a love story of infinite proportions, of how the Hierarchical Minds of Uriel, Michiel,
Raphiel, and Muriel devised a Master Plan to help the countless souls who had regressed in their
spiritual evolution—not only on Earth but on many other physical and astral planets in the Milky
Way Galaxy. The story begins 19 million years ago, with the spiritual fall of the angel
Antares—the one known as Lucifer or Satan—and the subsequent need for the Hierarchy to
directly intervene: These Angelic Forces overshadowed physical bodies, thus serving as
Wayshowers for humanity throughout the galaxy. The story focuses particularly on the lifetimes
of Archangel Uriel, as she was the one who incarnated, again and again, alongside the Fallen
One, with Spirit triumphant in the twentieth century—Satan was healed and regained his spiritual
name of Antares! Experience the healing balm of the Angelic Minds as you read this love story
and reattune to your former lifetimes in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt—and more—to free yourself of
your own past negations.

First 8 chapters voiced by male student
Chapters 9 to the end Voiced by Uriel (Ruth Norman)

13x CDs $49  ~   2x MP3 $39

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