Cosmic Continuum

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This is a literary cyclotron, smashing not only atoms but the walls of dogmatic creeds found in religious and scientific circles. A penetrating analysis into the vast unknown cosmogony, this book presents the science of the future, a science for the New Age when man will live in peace. Here is a book that will leave both the layman and the scientist aghast and dumb-founded.

This volume stands alone in its time as a unique and brilliant work; its content is vitally concerned with all aspects of man's planetary and intergalactic life. The author goes beyond Einstein's time-space continuum, exploring atoms, reincarnation, cosmic cycles, interdimensional relationships, and the psychic anatomy. The further you read, the deeper the author takes you into the very heart and source of life itself: Energy -the Substance of the Mind and the Universe.

Read, within the pages of this great work, of mankind's immortal quest for ultimate knowledge; Anyone seeking to solve the yet-unfathomable mysteries of man in his expanding universe will find answers to his probing questions on life and immortality!

Ernest L. Norman

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