Infinite Perspectus (Audio)

Infinite Perspectus  by Dr. Ernest Norman
The New Science of Life

Digitally Re-mastered!
voiced by Ernest Norman
Chapters 1 - 33
The 33 chapters of Infinite Perspectus cover the entire proceedium of the Unarius teachings  and carry the higher, healing power through the recorded voice of the Unarius Moderator, Ernest L. Norman. The lessons presented in this text are an epilogue to the New Testament, explaining the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as a science of life that can be lived by aspiring students. Through repeated study and application of the interdimensional principles of energy presented in these lessons, the student of truth will gain the timeless wisdom of the Master Teacher.

Like Cosmic Continuum, it thoroughly discusses all known sciences and philosophies. It also scientifically and philosophically reveals the unknown . . . the many dimensions or mansions which the science of today is trying to visualize. A science of life which will be lived by any person who can gain the wisdom impounded in these printed pages. Superlatives are inadequate to place a value in personal terms. You will never outlive this book.

Dr. Ernest L. Norman

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