Inventing our Positive Future

Unarius celebrated its 30th Interplanetary Conclave of Light, “Inventing Our Positive Future,” on the second weekend of October 2013. Highlights of this exciting event include a portion of the Tesla technology presentation, emphasizing the need for a joining of science and spirit; the Past-Life Therapy workshop, explaining how to discover your past lives by identifying your fears and negative reactions; and the Space Cadillac and trumpeters as they set the stage for the Proclamation for Peace and Dove Release. Plus, listen to Uriel’s audio contact with Ranee of planet Osnus with a timeless message for all.  

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Free Energy for Spaceship Earth will take you on an incredible journey, revealing the means to provide a nonpolluting, unlimited source of energy that will stem the tsunami tide of global warming and make free energy available to the entire planet. Over thirty years ago, this solution to the world energy crisis was presented as an advancement of Tesla technology. Discover how this new technology, based on the interdimensional science of energy, will enable scientists to develop Nikola Tesla's vision of a World Wide Energy System and Power Tower.

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