The Anthenium

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A thousand or more years ago poets, sages, philosophers and prophets walked their many ways through the mystic lands of Greece, Assyria, Egypt, the Holy Land and many other places now antiquity in history. In their own way and in their own tongues they told great stories and wondrous parables, giving to eager ears the Message of life, of hope for a better future to the hungry multitudes who sweltered in the barbaric ignorance of their time.

Today, the Moderator has recreated many of these Ancient Stories from out this almost forgotten past; stories and parables spoken in just the way they may have been uttered by these Ancient Ones. And with Their message comes the Radiant Power always attendant with such expressions of the Unariun Brotherhood.


Yes, and there is other poetry and prose delivered in the language and idiom of this time; yet each one also carries the same vibrant Message - the same Inspirational Power.


As you read "The Anthenium" listen to the Voices of the Ancient Ones speaking of their gods and the great morality of life; or listen for other voices which are carried in the lilting phrases which bring lustrous glimpses of pastoral beauty, where the Infinite Creative Intelligence melds Itself into the never-ending panoply of life.

 Ernest L. Norman

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