Creating Our Positive Future

 Experience the energy and excitement of the 33rd Interplanetary Conclave of Light, “Creating Our Positive Future,” as you watch highlights from the weekend: the Interplanetary Procession and Dove Release; a performance by the Unarius choralliers; an informative talk about the future of free energy, including a Tesla coil demonstration; a behind-the-scenes tour showcasing scenes and costumes from The Arrival film; the hands-on creativity workshops; and a trip to the future landing site of the Space Brothers. You will also see fantastic footage of Uriel speaking about the significance of the Interplanetary Confederation and our positive future on planet Earth. 

"Creating our Positive Future" DVD pdf

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Uriel Speaks on the Landing

Uriel begins this interview by taking us on a virtual tour to the future when the 33 starships of the Interplanetary Confederation have already landed on Earth. She then responds to general misinformation regarding so-called UFOs, explaining how they are flown and their purpose. She relates how the Space Brothers from the Interplanetary Confederation planets live in peace and harmony, having overcome their own planetary dilemmas through the application of the advanced energy principles that Unarius teaches. 
Uriel promises that we have the same bright future to look forward to. 

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